5 Real Stocks that Outgained Bitcoin this Year

As of this morning, Bitcoin (BTC) is showing a 60% increase YTD. That’s a solid number most years, but not for the past twelve months we’ve just been through. Many fortunes were made and lost this year, and I’m not talking about meme stocks. Those are for traders. For my last editorial treatise of 2021, I’m going to look at some real investments.

Before I begin this morning’s soliloquy, let me be clear. I am a fan of and an investor in Bitcoin. I happily took that 60% gain this year and I believe that the king of crypto is here to stay. Ethereum (ETH) comes in a close second behind them, despite a 410% YTD return. All the others are pretenders and market manipulation tools. I have no time for those games.

Top Earners in 2021 to Invest In for 2022

The list of big earners in 2021 was much larger than the five stocks I’ve listed here. GameStop Corp (GME) had the highest return (815%), proving that social media can move the market, but I did not put them on this list. These stocks did well last year and should continue to thrive in the upcoming months. GameStop has already run its course.

  1. Upstart Holdings Inc (UPST) +236.21%: Some folks consider them nothing more than digital loan sharks, but I can name a dozen scenarios where Upstart has bailed out folks with bad credit. They acquired Prodigy Software in 2021, which moves them into auto loans. Expect mortgages to come next. I anticipate a big year again in 2022.
  2. Devon Energy Corp (DVN) +174.02%: The fossil fuel industry is shifting, but it’s not dead yet. Devon Energy is an oil and gas E&P company that reported a 224% YOY rise in revenue after Q3 this year. With oil and gas prices expected to continue their inflationary rise, expect Devon stock to surge in 2022.
  3. Fortinet Inc (FTNT) +151.95%: Cybersecurity is big business, and no one did it better in 2021 than Fortinet. On December 13th, they entered the Nasdaq 100 with year over year billing growth of 29%. With a diversified product and service line, they’re working in an addressable market that’s estimated at $174 billion by 2025.
  4. Nucor Corp (NUE) +119.39%: One of my favorite dividend stocks of all time and an investment in American infrastructure, Nucor is the largest steel company in the country. They recorded record profits in 2021 and used some of them to acquire California Steel Industries in mid-December.
  5. NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) +130.76%: Don’t read too much into NVIDIA’s position on this list. Their Omniverse software for creating virtual worlds should be a big player in the development of the metaverse. Their development of the Grace Data Center in April increased their bandwidth significantly, positioning them for a big run next year.

Bitcoin Predictions for the Upcoming Year

Keep buying. That’s the best advice I can give when it comes to Bitcoin (BTC). Most experts agree that it could hit $100K in 2022, with the potential to top $250K by 2025. Those numbers seemed ludicrous a few years ago, but Bitcoin did top $67K back in November and looks like it could hit another uptrend in Q1. It’s at $47K this morning. Buy the dip.

Despite extreme volatility, Bitcoin posted a 60% return this year. As you can see from this article, there are other stocks that exceeded that, some by a wide margin, but that doesn’t make Bitcoin a bad investment. As humanity moves steadily forward into a virtual universe, crypto will be a major player. Who will come out on top? My money is on Bitcoin.










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5 Real Stocks that Outgained Bitcoin this Year

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