Accelerate Diagnostics (AXDX) Skyrockets Almost 62%

Accelerate Diagnostics (AXDX) shot up almost 62% today, with plenty of room to grow with a 52-week-high of $9.36.

The huge gain also comes alongside a surge in trading volume with around 13.5m shares exchanged against an average volume of around 871,000.

AXDX is a diagnostics company and located in the PRISM MedDiagnostics Index, which was up 3.5% for the day.

About Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.

Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. is an in vitro diagnostics company dedicated to providing solutions for the global challenges of antimicrobial resistance and sepsis. The Accelerate Pheno® system and Accelerate Arc™ system are designed to reduce the time clinicians must wait to determine the most optimal antibiotic therapy for bacteremic patients. These diagnostic systems are designed to serve clinical laboratories with automated solutions to expedite time to identification and antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) results directly from positive blood culture samples. Multiple external studies have proven that Accelerate solutions deliver results 1 to 2 days faster than existing methods, enabling clinicians to optimize antibiotic selection and dosage specific to the individual patient’s infection, days earlier.

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Accelerate Diagnostics (AXDX) Skyrockets Almost 62%

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