AI Assistant for Government Affairs: FiscalNote (NOTE) Introduces ‘Co-Pilot for Policy’

PRISM NextGen Tech and AI Index company, FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NOTE), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider specializing in policy and global intelligence, has announced the launch of FiscalNote Copilot for Policy. This AI-powered assistant is designed to assist government affairs, advocacy, legal, and compliance professionals in identifying and acting upon crucial federal and state legislation and activities that align with their objectives.

Policy professionals need swift solutions to keep up with these changes, while government affairs teams are often required to accomplish more with fewer resources. Copilot for Policy introduces a dynamic, self-service option for legislative discovery and analysis enhancing the efficiency of users in accessing critical information from FiscalNote’s extensive portfolio of policy and legislative tracking products.

Through an intuitive chat interface, users can inquire about a wide range of federal and state policy issues and legislative matters, quickly transitioning from understanding a bill to briefing their organization on necessary action steps. Its features include real-time access to policy information, ability to request summaries or details about proposed legislation, and reporting that allows users to share insights generated by the Copilot.

FiscalNote Copilot for Policy is the company’s second AI-powered assistant utilizing cutting-edge generative AI. The previously introduced Copilot for Global Intelligence assists customers in navigating the complex global landscape, managing emerging developments, and mitigating risks associated with geopolitical, macroeconomic, security, and regulatory challenges.

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AI Assistant for Government Affairs: FiscalNote (NOTE) Introduces ‘Co-Pilot for Policy’

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