Applied DNA (APDN) Skyrockets 36% on Market Rebound

Applied DNA (APDN) skyrocketed 36% today, taking advantage of the market rebound. APDN has been in the news lately with their launch of the Monkeypox testing service.

“We believe we can play a key role in increasing rapid turn-around-time (“TAT”) monkeypox testing capacity to support healthier communities in our operating area of Long Island and New York City, and, more broadly, in New York State and other states that allow samples to be sent to New York labs for testing. Having built ADCL’s stellar reputation for high-capacity, PCR-based COVID-19 testing with rapid TAT, we believe we can bring to bear the same expertise to the monkeypox public health emergency,” stated Dr. James A. Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences.

APDN is a member of the PRISM Vaccines and Cell Therapy Index, which was up 3.8% for the day., led by APDN’s performance.

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Applied DNA (APDN) Skyrockets 36% on Market Rebound

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