Atlas Energy Solutions Shapes Fracking Landscape with $450M Hi-Crush Acquisition

Atlas Energy Solutions (NYSE: AESI) has made a significant move in the energy sector with its agreement to acquire Hi-Crush Inc., a prominent proppant producer. Proppant is a gritty material made up of uniformly sized particles that is mixed with fracturing fluid to hold open fractures made in the ground during the hydraulic fracking process.

The acquisition, valued at $450 million, encompasses Hi-Crush’s Permian Basin proppant production assets and North American logistics operations, solidifying Atlas Energy Solutions’ position as a leading player in the proppant market.

Beyond this landmark acquisition, Atlas has had a remarkable 2023 and 2024, marked by significant achievements and milestones. The company reported impressive returns on invested assets of 24.7% in the third quarter of 2023, underscoring the company’s strong operational efficiency and effective resource management, and its board of directors declared a quarterly cash dividend, reflecting confidence in Atlas Energy Solutions’ financial stability and commitment to shareholder value.

Consolidation for Growth

The acquisition reflects Atlas Energy Solutions’ strategic vision to expand its footprint in the proppant industry. By integrating Hi-Crush’s assets into its portfolio, Atlas Energy Solutions aims to enhance its operational capabilities and bolster its market presence. This consolidation allows for synergies between the two entities, streamlining production processes and optimizing logistical efficiencies.

Strengthening Competitive Advantage

With the acquisition of Hi-Crush, Atlas Energy Solutions emerges as the largest proppant producer in the country, wielding substantial influence in the energy sector. The combined entity possesses a diverse portfolio of proppant assets, enabling it to cater to the evolving needs of energy producers across different regions. This strengthened position enhances Atlas Energy Solutions’ competitive advantage and reinforces its ability to deliver value to customers.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

As Atlas Energy Solutions expands its presence in the proppant market, it remains committed to innovation and sustainability. The company seeks to leverage technological advancements to drive operational excellence and minimize environmental impact. Through responsible resource management and investment in renewable energy solutions, Atlas Energy Solutions strives to create a sustainable future for the energy industry.

About Atlas Energy Solutions

Our company was founded in 2017 by long-time E&P operators and led by Bud Brigham. Our experience as E&P operators, combined with our unique asset base and focus on using technology to deliver novel solutions to our customers’ toughest challenges and mission-critical needs differentiates us as the proppant and logistics provider of choice in the Permian Basin. Atlas is a leader in the proppant and proppant logistics industry and is currently solely focused on serving customers in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, the most active oil and natural gas producing regions in North America. Our Kermit, TX and Monahans, TX facilities are strategically located and specifically designed to maximize reliability of supply and product quality, and our high-efficiency trucking assets and the Dune Express conveyor system is driving significant advancements in proppant logistics.

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Atlas Energy Solutions Shapes Fracking Landscape with $450M Hi-Crush Acquisition

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