Avant Technologies (AVAI) Transforms Data Center Management Through Development of AI Software Platform

PRISM NextGen Tech and AI Index company, Avant Technologies, Inc. (AVAI), announced plans to develop a cutting-edge proprietary AI software platform to drive its next-generation data centers. This innovative platform harnesses machine learning algorithms to analyze data, forecast resource requirements, and execute real-time resource allocation decisions.

Avant’s AI platform is custom designed to tackle the distinctive challenges and opportunities inherent in data center management. It is powered by in-house developed proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

The suite of software tools currently under development by Avant will facilitate comprehensive data management and automation. These tools will manage the intricacies of data center operations, encompassing data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and storage.

Moreover, the company is crafting software to translate AI recommendations into actionable insights. This can automate resource allocation, optimize resource utilization, enhance performance, and reduce human intervention. These enhancements will enable proactive issue detection, predictive maintenance, and ongoing optimization of future data center operations.

About Avant Technologies, Inc.

Avant Technologies, Inc. is an artificial intelligence technology company specializing in creating and developing innovative and advanced AI infrastructure solutions, including distributed submerged infrastructure solutions, designed to revolutionize the landscape for AI software development companies and other companies that require immense, scalable computing power, such as scientific simulations, climate modeling, protein folding analysis, and big data processing. The Company also employs its highly sophisticated machine and deep learning AI system, Avant AI™, to function as both a versatile and customizable AI solution in a host of industries and applications.


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Avant Technologies (AVAI) Transforms Data Center Management Through Development of AI Software Platform

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