Avant Technologies CEO Tim Lantz Discusses Its First AI Data Center Lauch in an Opportunistic Location, Milwaukee, WI

The CEO of Avant Technologies, Inc. (AVAI) Tim Lantz recently appeared on a Milwaukee radio show to discuss its launch of what will become the first AI focused data center in Milwaukee.

Avant Technologies is an AI focused company who, after having identified some headwinds other AI companies were facing such as launching into the market to scale in a cost-effective way, decided to work on infrastructure development that could better support AI. By doing this, they are building computer networks etc. that can provide speed and power to run these large AIs but in a manner that is cost effective so companies from startups to larger firms such as Open AI can scale up into the market in a cost-effective way.

As Avant grows its business, it has selected Milwaukee as the location for its first ever data center based on the city’s favorable cost of living, growing technology and innovation ecosystem, as well as access to talent, which includes Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the country for computer engineering and AI who has invested heavily in AI and partnered with Nvidia. Milwaukee is an affordable city that touts Midwestern work ethic, has more physical space, and overall economics helped factor into choosing the Wisconsin-based city.

The data center is expected to open in Milwaukee during the first half of 2025.

As the interview commenced, CEO Tim Lantz made an encouraging statement on his commitment to choosing Milwaukee for Avant’s first AI data center, “Silicon Valley was built by companies like HP and Dell and Apple that at one point were innovating out of their garages. And now look what it is today. The same thing with Boston and New York. So, you have to start somewhere. I think Milwaukee has got a great start and we’d like to be able to contribute to that exciting future.”


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Avant Technologies CEO Tim Lantz Discusses Its First AI Data Center Lauch in an Opportunistic Location, Milwaukee, WI

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