Wins $8.5M Contract Extension on US Army Project (Nasdaq: BBAI) has received a 6-month extension from the U.S. Army as the prime contractor for continuing work on the Global Force Information Management (GFIM) system, in a 6-month contract valued at just over $8.5M.

The company will continue work as single-source prime contractor in transforming 15 legacy U.S. Army systems into a single intelligent automation platform, providing real-time data to be in-line with the Secretary of the Army’s data centric initiative.


Under the terms of the single-source contract, as the prime contractor will partner with Deloitte, Appian, and Ignite IT.

As part of the extension, the team will be charged with migrating the Prototype into the U.S. Army’s cARMY cloud, aligned with the S. Army‘s Cloud Plan 2022.

Lori Mongold, U.S. Army GFIM Capabilities Management Officer, said, “GFIM represents a transformative leap forward in force management capabilities. With its ability to provide near-real-time insights, automate critical functions, and consolidate multiple systems, GFIM is instrumental in enabling Army leadership, from the strategic to tactical level, to make informed decisions, ultimately enhancing our readiness and operational effectiveness.”

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