Blockchain Intelligence Group (BBKCF) Leads Web 3.0 Index, With 24% Gains

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BBKCF) soared 24% today on the heels of an announcement that they launched the industry’s first NFT explorer.

The NFT explorer will be the first solution for researching the risk for NFTs, built on the QLUE data analytics platform. The core functions of the NFT explorer relied on heavy collaboration experts across financial, tech and law enforcement sectors.

“The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving and so are crypto-crimes. In just a short time, I’ve handled multiple smart contract compromises and NFTs thefts, which are now quickly becoming the norm. To date, there was no graphical analytics tool that could help trace an NFT case from point of theft to the subsequent sale and liquidation of proceeds all on one graph. With true NFT (ERC-721) tracing, Blockchain Intelligence Group solves that problem,” said Tony Moore, Detective, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “The ability to trace multiple cryptocurrencies, ERC-20 and now ERC-721 tokens all on one graph is a game changer for an investigator.”

Blockchain Intelligence Group provides global cryptocurrency compliance and forensics. We enable financial institutions, fintechs, crypto exchanges, custodians, and more, to transact cryptocurrencies and monitor risk. Our tools equip governments, analysts, and investigators with cutting-edge software to investigate nefarious activity on the blockchain. By offering best-in-class data analysis and insights, our goal is to help organizations unlock the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain with easy-to-use compliance and investigation tools, customer support, and education.

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Blockchain Intelligence Group (BBKCF) Leads Web 3.0 Index, With 24% Gains

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