Market Update (9/17)

Markets turned red during a volatile Thursday trading session with tech leaders Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), and Facebook (FB) extending previous sessions declines. Investors were… [Read More]

Due Diligence in 10 Easy Steps

By RYAN BARNES  Updated May 20, 2020 Step 1: Company Capitalization Step 2: Revenue, Margin Trends Step 3: Competitors & Industries Step 4: Valuation Multiples Step 5: Management and Ownership Step… [Read More]

6 Small Cap Tech Stocks to Buy in 2020

By Rob Otman Originally posted August 12, 2020 Technology stocks are leading the market. Investors in Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) and other tech giants have seen huge gains. They’ve… [Read More]

Small Cap Investing: An Introduction

Unfortunately, small-cap stocks have a bad reputation. The media usually focuses on the negative side. They say that small cap investing is too risky. One frequently hears… [Read More]

Investors PRISM Stock Indexes

The PRISM stock indexes track small-cap and micro-cap companies across a diverse spectrum of innovative industries including life sciences, medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, biotechnology, and… [Read More]