Celebrating a Decade of Innovation and Success – FiscalNote’s Journey from Startup to NYSE-Listed Public Company

FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NOTE) recently marked a major milestone, celebrating its 10-year founding anniversary and its first year as a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The occasion was commemorated with FiscalNote’s Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, Tim Hwang, and Co-founder Gerald Yao, ringing the NYSE Opening Bell. This ceremony was a momentous event in recognition of the company’s significant achievements.

Over the past year, FiscalNote has made substantial progress, most notably including three strategic acquisitions and the formation of AI partnerships with tech giants such as OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. The company was founded a decade ago with a mission to enhance transparency and knowledge. Since then, it has leveraged AI and advanced data analytics to assist organizations in navigating the complex political and economic landscapes they operate in.

Today, FiscalNote serves around 5,000 customers globally, with a physical presence across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company provides an array of products and services designed to manage political and business risk. In its pursuit of innovation, FiscalNote has been recognized with several industry and leadership awards and has been granted new patents, thereby testifying to its commitment to innovation.

Josh Resnik, FiscalNote’s President and COO, emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional value and results. He acknowledged the efforts of the team and expressed his gratitude towards the trust placed in the company by its customers and shareholders.

In its first year as a public company, FiscalNote has significantly transformed its business operations. The focus has been on delivering innovative products, driving growth, and providing exceptional value to its global customers and shareholders. The company’s remarkable journey over the last decade and its notable successes in the past year as a public company demonstrate its commitment to its vision and its capacity for achieving its strategic goals.

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Celebrating a Decade of Innovation and Success – FiscalNote’s Journey from Startup to NYSE-Listed Public Company

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