ChatGPT meets Robinhood? New investing app features AI-powered portfolio mentor

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Investing just got smarter with the launch of a revolutionary new platform that employs AI-powered portfolio mentorship to help users maximize their gains. This app blends ChatGPT’s cutting edge technology and Robinhood’s ease for an unparalleled investing experience!

Magnifi leverages AI-powered portfolio mentorship to provide users with an in-depth understanding of the markets. Through natural language conversation, it answers investor questions, detects trends and offers tailored advice for any given portfolio. It can also detect market volatility and provide guidance on how best to respond to events such as rate hikes or earnings reports. And there’s a bonus — it performs like a brokerage where you can directly trade stocks and ETFs.

“It’s a copilot for the self-directed investor,” Vinay Nair, founder of Magnifi, said in an interview. “Today brokerages have democratized access to trading, to markets, but they lack intelligence and they lack personalization for the user. Magnifi is trying to democratize intelligence in a personalized way.”

As AI continues to make breakthroughs, Wall Street gets increasingly curious how the technology could disrupt the asset management business. A recent preliminary study showed that ChatGPT, the hottest AI tool in the world, could have the potential to improve investment decision making.

To see how Magnifi performs and how it competes with professional advisers, I asked it a few different questions.

First, I posed the question “what stocks would Warren Buffett buy?” It came back with an explanation of his value investing principle along with the “Oracle of Omaha’s” biggest holdings, Bank of America, Apple and Coca-Cola.

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ChatGPT meets Robinhood? New investing app features AI-powered portfolio mentor

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