Check Your Order Ticket. These Burger Stocks May Be “Mooving” on National Cheeseburger Day.

Luckily, September 18th isn’t about pizza otherwise, only people from New York or Chicago could have a real opinion today. We are serious. Instead, everyone gets to have an opinion because it’s National Cheeseburger Day. Maybe you already knew that, but did you know the story behind the invention of the cheeseburger? We didn’t. So, we did some research. Get ready for this piece of history…

In 1924 a sixteen-year-old Lionel Sternberger decided to put cheese on a hamburger patty at his father’s sandwich shop and that was how the cheeseburger was born. Talk about hijacking someone’s idea. Whoever invented the hamburger must be bitter.

Anyways, everyone has their debatable favorite of this delectable menu item, that is heaven on earth with an onion slice. Rest easy, Jimmy. We decided to break down your burger options from a publicly traded perspective. Bonus! For those cheeseburger connoisseurs or broke son-of-a-guns, we’re even going to tell you the Cheeseburger Day specials associated with each. So now you can be sure to get your hands, on a cheesy patty, to celebrate proper. Thanks, Lionel. 

Ba da ba ba ba… We’re Lovin It

If we were going to start with our favorite, we’d pick White Castle, but unfortunately, its privately owned, we’re sober and it’s not 2am. So, we’ll start with the fan favorite, Mickey D’s! This year, McDonalds (MCD) has been having better success as a company than its ice cream machines as revenues were up by 14% and net income almost doubled to $2.3Bn, in its Q2 earnings report. It is trading in the green ~6% YTD. Additionally, the blue chip company recently announced that it intends to do away with self-served fountain drink machines by 2032 so now all you soda stealers will have to go to the counter for your refill.

McDonald’s Deal: $0.50 Double Cheeseburgers

Who Dips Fries in Their Frosty?

If you think it sounds weird, try it. It’s a thing. Everyone from Thrillist to Taste of Home thinks so. The Wendy’s Company (WEN) is another fast-food burger chain staple that has been in business for almost 54 years. Most recently, it was cited that activist investor Nelson Peltz who is the largest shareholder and sits on the board for Wendy’s, dumped 2.9M shares of WEN stock. Peltz beneficially owns 28M shares of common stock following the transaction. The stock is currently down ~9% YTD, something Dave would not be proud of. However, if you’re one of those fry dippin’ frosty people Wendy’s will be serving up a Pumpkin Spice frosty this season! How basic.

Wendy’s Deal: Get a $0.01 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase.

Fantasy burger in space, style of fantasy. Copy space. Generative AI

Get Out Your Binoculars

If you’re trying to have that real moment with your cheeseburger, you know the one where you have no shame… you pull over right into the parking lot seconds after grabbing the bag from the window, sitting in the driver’s seat with the wrapper folded down the side of the burger…what napkins? And what burger? Just note that this one requires you to get out of the car. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) recently completed a second sale-leaseback transaction with Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc. (EPRT) to sell and simultaneously lease back nine owned properties which amounted to ~$31M, in gross proceeds. The $31 mill will be used to repay debt and fund capital investments. It may also fund a repurchasing of company stock up to ~$5M. The fast casual burger chain which also resides in the small cap universe, has traded upwards of ~76% YTD. New slogan: “Green Robin. Cha-Ching!”

Red Robin Deal: The company did participate in May’s “Burger Month” this year however, there has been no official cheeseburger deal stated, as of this release. When you’re trading over 70% YTD you get to do what you want. 

Never Too Much

If Elvis Presley could pick a burger, it would be the Luther, a cheeseburger sandwiched between two Krispie Kreme, Inc (DNUT) donuts named after R&B singer, songwriter and record producer, Luther VanDross. Luther, who loved his cheeseburger and glazed donut buns may have also been the possible inventor, according to legend. The donut dealer announced Q2 earnings last month that slightly beat Street estimates and posted $408M in revenues compared to year-ago revenues of $375M. The company is lit and trading Hot and Now, up ~24% YTD. Wellness Month is over so go give the Luther a try.

No Moo For You?

For those of you who don’t eat meat, we haven’t forgotten you. Today also happens to be National Rice Krispie Treat Day. If you don’t have a sweet and dear little grandma who whips up this goodness in her kitchen, bringing all the childhood nostalgia to your soul, it’s probably cause she’s a one-of-a-kind and she’s ours. But that’s okay, grab the Kellogg Company (K) cereal, butter and some marshmallows. Then snap, crackle, pop your way into a sweet treat, to beat those burger blues. Recently, Kellogg Board of Directors approved separation into two companies, Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co. which will soon trade under (KLG).

Today in honor of Lionel Sternberger, we encourage you to steal our ideas and make them your own by finding the best burger deal in town or picking the right patty slingin’ stock.

Other Cheeseburger Day Deals:

Smashburger: Grab $5 Classic Singles

Carl’s Jr.: Half-off all double cheeseburgers

Burger King: Free cheeseburger with $1 purchase

White Castle: BOGO free Single Cheese Sliders

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Check Your Order Ticket. These Burger Stocks May Be “Mooving” on National Cheeseburger Day.

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