Asset Entities Inc.

Contact Information

Asset Entities Inc.
100 Crescent Court
7th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201
United States

Asset Entities Inc. is a web 3.0 multi-media marketing company, encompassing social creators/artists and influencers.

From its formation, Asset Entities mission has been to educate, connect and develop multi-level communities across social platforms.

Asset Entities Discord Community channels on Stock Trading & Cryptocurrency ranks as one of the Top 20 in the world based on members and continued growth.

Social interaction across Tik Tok, Instagram, Discord and other social media platforms have them with a global reach of a global fanbase over 1 billion.

Now based in Dallas, Asset Entities is moving onward and upward with amazing new communities for ‘Real Estate’ and ‘NFTs’, and the launch of its new suite of services AE360 D.D.M. where customers can have AE assist them with server development.

2022 will bring new LIVE streaming services and educational series’ that will be available as part of their growing community.

Asset Entities’ Executive Team includes, Kyle Fairbanks as Vice Chairman, Arshia Sarkhani as CEO, Jackson Fairbanks as CMO and Arman Sarkhani as COO.