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Avant Technologies Inc.
5348 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108
United States

AI and private cloud market growth and workloads are next level in terms of required processing power, memory, networking, storage, and other computing resources. Legacy cloud providers operate on relatively antiquated, inefficient, and costly operating infrastructure which don’t adequately address AI and Big Data compute needs, but innovative technologies are already available to support next generation AI and Big Data infrastructure.

Avant is building upon these existing cutting-edge technologies to deliver the ultimate in cost effective, energy efficient, high-density supercomputing designed specifically to meet the current and future needs of AI and Big Data. Our high-density cloud infrastructure is specifically designed to meet the growing performance and storage demands of SaaS, AI, and Big Data clients across all industry sectors. Our next-generation, turn-key solutions are available for collocation data centers as well as on-premise deployment directly at a customer site, and are capable of providing significantly more compute performance, speed, and storage capacity at a lower total cost of ownership, with a superior environmental sustainability profile.