Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited

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Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited
Building No. 8
East Floor 5 Xishanhui Shijingshan District

The first Chinese short video marketing service provider to enter the United States

Baosheng is a company with Internet effect marketing, short video (content production, operation, e-commerce marketing), original big data platform system and AI technology as the company’s core areas, providing partners with one-stop + full-link deeply customized marketing solution. At the same time, Baosheng is also an important provider of channel marketing services, technology, and applications to leading domestic Internet companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, and Kuaishou.

Baosheng will continue to lay out the industrial chain in the above-mentioned fields, strengthen the research and development of new technologies, explore richer new marketing models, and build the ecological industry matrix of Baosheng.