Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc., formerly Jolley Marketing, Inc., is a clinical-stage company. The Company conducts its business operations primarily through its subsidiary, Creative Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT). The Company is engaged in stem cell research and applications for use to treat male and female sexual dysfunction, infertility, miscarriages and related issues. CMT focuses on completing the testing of its erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment and, if warranted, marketing treatment kits under the name Caverstem to physicians for use with their patients suffering from ED. CMT also intends to test and, if warranted, market licensed stem cell products under its infertility technology license. Procedures for use of the Company’s ED stem cell treatment consist of a one-hour out-patient visit in a physician’s office. The physician would harvest a patient’s bone marrow from the hip using local anesthetic and separate the stem cells using a cell separator.