Creative Realities, Inc.

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Creative Realities, Inc.
13100 Magisterial Drive
Suite 100
Louisville, KY 40223
United States

Creative Realities, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREX) is a full-service, digital signage solutions company with a suite of proprietary CMS software products. We focus on connecting brands and people in spaces and places they love – with digital experiences that are contextually relevant, omni-channel, and specific to the physical environment. Our approach is consultative, tech-agnostic, and solution centric. What makes us different is an end-to-end offering with the ability to deploy at scale, whether its 1,000 locations or a single flagship location. Our cloud-based CMS software platforms considered best in class and serve as the backbone for successful installation and setup for Day 2 support. We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to execute solutions end to end, at scale. Our purpose-built digital signage software features Adlogic — a smart media trafficking platform — that can monetize digital networks as an advertising channel to generate revenue for Clients owning some of the largest on-premise ad networks in the world. This game-changing capability allows us to transform and dominate the place-based digital out of home segment as a valuable, measured media channel.