Enservco Corporation

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Enservco Corporation
14133 County Road 9 1/2
Longmont, CO 80504
United States

Enservco Corporation provides a variety of well-site services to the domestic on-shore oil and gas industry. Through its operating subsidiaries, Heat Waves Hot Oil Service, LLC, Heat Waves Water Management LLC, and Adler Hot Oil Service, LLC Enservco Corporation has emerged as a leading provider of critical oil field services like hot oiling, acidizing, frac heating, and water transfer. Enservco Corporation provides dependable, round-the-clock services to a broad spectrum of U.S. energy companies.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Company serves oil and gas producers operating in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

To customers, Enservco Corporation is best known by its operating subsidiaries: Heat Waves Hot Oil Service, Heat Waves Water Management, and Adler Hot Oil Service. Combined, these businesses operate a fleet of more than 200 specialized trucks, trailers, frac tanks, and related well-site equipment.