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Kubient, Inc.
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Our Audience Cloud’s open marketplace is a single point of entry for advertisers and publishers to reach, monetize, and connect their digital audiences.

Our next generation cloud-based infrastructure enables efficient liquidity for the digital advertising markets and optimizes the advertising supply-chain. Giving advertisers and media partners the data-driven power to connect their audiences, increasing return on ad-spend and inventory yield. In a transparent programmatic environment with artificial intelligence powered pre-bid ad fraud prevention.

Advertisers & Marketers, Reach Your Audience.
On the most advanced programmatic advertising stack with unique direct media marketplace and tools to filter, identify, and connect campaigns to the right audience. Giving marketers the ability to stop buying placements and start reaching an audience of one at scale.

Media & Publishers, Optimize Your Audience.
We enable media partners to optimize their inventory yield to get the greatest value from their biggest asset. Their audience. Our platform + specialists optimize the supply chain and move from selling site inventory to maximizing the value of your audiences.

Target Your Audience
Move beyond cookies to device fingerprint targeting & tracking. Our anonymous audience data-driven approach matches the digital DNA of audiences to connect relevant audiences to campaigns. Increasing both budget and inventory yield.

Ad Fraud Prevention.
The industry’s first AI-based fraud prevention system that monitors activity on advertising auctions at a speed of under 10 milliseconds.

Faster than any traditional detection system. With pattern recognition and device scoring, that prevents even the most advanced bots from bidding on ads.