Specificity, Inc.

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Specificity, Inc.
410 S. Ware Blvd
Suite 508
Tampa, FL 33619
United States

Specificity (SPTY-OTCQB) is a publicly traded digital marketing firm specializing in better audience ID technology and campaign management. The current data volatility found in big tech, big social and virtually every adtech platform is real and they have no reason to actually solve it. Broader, less targeted campaigns require more spend and thus garner more profit.. for them. We built a work-around that gives marketers back control of the audiences they reach making the campaign analytics exponentially more impactful and accurate.

With our acquisition of AImplify, we now bring AI programming and resources to the table offering not just efficiency through automation but more importantly, machine learning directed towards the identification of high converting audiences and trends. Our audience ID technology combined with AI will deliver serious targeting and conversion tools by the end of 2023.

We are an eclectic group of data geeks, marketers, content creators and business analysts. Rarely do find serious creative horsepower and data experts under one roof. This combination makes us a powerful ally in navigating the digital marketing landscape to the benefit of those seeking to grow their brands and company revenue through digital marketing strategy.. which is just about every company in the world.

Specificity is also the parent company of PickPocket™, The Investor Center, Tradigital Partners, and Bullseye.