Vocodia Holdings Corp.

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Contact Information

Vocodia Holdings Corp.
6401 Congress Avenue
Suite 160
Boca Raton, FL 33487
United States

Vocodia is poised to explode on the scene with a next-generation converversational AI that promises to disrupt the contact center industry. DISA, which stands for “Digital Intelligent Sales Agents” is software that seems so remarkably human that you may have already spoken to it without realizing.

Vocodia has spent the past several years tweaking and perfecting their software, making it as easy to adopt, utilize, and maintain so that contact centers won’t have to think too hard about how much they want and/or need it. DISA addresses salient pain points such as compliance, training, labor costs, customer experience, and the endless need for rapid scalability that seem to have come straight from a center manager’s wish list.

Vocodia is headed by Brian Podolak, an experienced call center innovator with a background in electronic engineering and a demonstrated knack for rapidly ramping-up startups. CEO Podolak’s infectious energy and ambitious vision, alongside the clear attractiveness of the DISA offering, is propelling Vocodia’s disruptive trajectory and setting the table for even bigger things to come.

Vocodia is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.