Congress Warns Hollywood and Silicon Valley About Ties With China

A delegation of U.S. lawmakers is embarking on a trip to Hollywood and Silicon Valley this week with a clear mission: to caution top executives from companies like Disney and Apple about their ties to China. Led by Republican Representative Mike Gallagher, who chairs a new House Select Committee on economic and security competition with China, the delegation aims to address the growing influence of the Chinese government and urge American companies to be more mindful of human rights issues.

Lawmakers are not satisfied with the status quo and hope to send a warning shot to big American companies that rely heavily on China for various aspects of their business. The trip comes on the heels of a contentious hearing in Washington where TikTok CEO Shou Chew was grilled by members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee over concerns about the parent company ByteDance’s potential data-sharing practices with the Chinese government, which could pose a threat to American citizens’ privacy.

One of the key meetings on the delegation’s agenda is with Disney CEO Bob Iger, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Representative Gallagher is particularly concerned about Disney’s remake of the film “Mulan,” which thanked Chinese government agencies accused of human rights violations in Xinjiang province. The province has been the site of detention camps where Uighur Muslims have allegedly been subjected to severe human rights abuses, including torture.

In addition to Disney, the delegation will also be meeting with former movie studio executives who can share their experiences working with China, as well as leaders from Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft, and Scale AI to discuss supply chains and China’s approach to emerging technologies.

The trip will culminate with a lunch meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday. The discussion with Cook will center on concerns about Apple’s dependence on China, including potential exposure to genocide and forced labor through its supply chain. The source close to the committee emphasizes the need for Apple to diversify its supply chain to mitigate such risks.

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Congress Warns Hollywood and Silicon Valley About Ties With China

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