Crypto Cannabis Club Smuggles Weed into the Metaverse

Crypto Cannabis Club Smuggles Weed into the Metaverse

The Crypto Cannabis Club, billing themselves as the “premier hub for cannabis connoisseurs and digital art enthusiasts,” has found a way to smuggle weed into the Metaverse. It’s a simple system. Buy 1/8th ounce of flower and maybe score a lucky package with an “NFToker” inside. That’s an original NFT depicting a stoner or weed plant. Current value: $600. 

Is anyone else thinking “Wonka’s Golden Ticket?” What’s next? Will Cheech and Chong’s ice cream truck be cruising virtual neighborhoods? Don’t laugh. Their combined net worth is over $50 million. This move by the Crypto Cannabis Club should bring in even more. It’s a great meme topic and a funny news story. It’s also brilliant. Other industries should take note.

Combining Crypto, Cannabis, and the Power of Social Marketing

Crypto Cannabis Club is not a public company, so this is the wrong article to read if you’re looking for stock tips. Buy a few shares of the Cannabis ETF (THCX), roll yourself a joint, and relax. Crypto Cannabis Club is piloting a Metaverse marketing strategy here. They’ve combined a digital product with a physical product, using their social network to sell it.  

It’s basically smuggling weed into a brand-new world. The Metaverse is a virtual representation of society itself. That’s the appeal of it. Users can enter with VR devices and live lives they can only dream of in the real world. Why not the life of a stoner, or a beach bum, or a high-powered action hero who likes to smoke weed? Anything is possible.

According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 12% of Americans were smoking cannabis before the pandemic hit. My guess is that number is much higher today. Globally, it’s over 150 million users. The Metaverse needs to have representation for that segment of the population. Crypto Cannabis Club just opened the door for that. Keep an eye out for NFTokers the next time you beam in.       

Good Gamer Entertainment Goes Ape with “The Chosen Ones”

Remember the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC)? Yuga Labs rolled them out as NFTs last year and they went from 0.08 ETH ($250) to 103 ETH ($319,000) in twelve months. Their latest NFT collection, (B)APETAVERSE, opened at $930 (0.30 ETH) per NFT on March 22nd. There are 10,000 of them. They sold out in twenty-four hours and are now worth $2,635 (0.85 ETH) each.

Good Gamer Entertainment (OTC:GGAMF), which is an OTC company that’s up 26.6% this year, has decided to “go ape” also. The newest member of their NFT legendary hero line called “The Chosen Ones” is an Ape named Kor, chosen by his gods to battle for ultimate supremacy. You can buy him for just 0.15 ETH ($465). Act fast. 70,000 Twitter followers already want him. 

Barron’s published a story last week about the decline of retail investing. I’m not buying it. The stock market has been volatile this year and NFTs have been surprisingly resilient. They’re the “hard assets” of the 2020’s. That’s where the retail money is going. Smart play. I’m going to invite Kor over, smoke a virtual joint, and mull over my options. Join me in the Metaverse.       


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Crypto Cannabis Club Smuggles Weed into the Metaverse

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