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Decoding Market Dynamics: An Interview with Ashlee Vogenthaler, PRISM MarketView’s Markets Editor

Ashlee Vogenthaler

At PRISM MarketView, we are proud to feature Ashlee Vogenthaler as our Markets Editor. Ashlee combines a deep understanding of finance and economics with a passion for writing, offering our readers insightful analyses and engaging commentary. Influenced early on by her mother’s finance career and an inspiring high school class, Ashlee developed a keen interest in the stock market and investment strategies.

In her role, Ashlee focuses on emerging sectors like AI and cannabis and emphasizes the importance of strategic communication in small-cap investing. Join us as Ashlee shares her journey and approach to market evaluation, providing both new and seasoned investors with invaluable insights at PRISM MarketView. Her expertise invites us to view the financial markets with strategic foresight and deep understanding.

Two things. I took an introductory finance class in high school that allowed us to pick stocks we liked for our “pretend” portfolio. Each day I couldn’t wait to get to that class to check and see how it did and track my performance. Prior to that, I used to watch my mom get dressed up in her work clothes and heels each day for her career in finance. At the time I didn’t know what she really did but I always said that one day I was going to be that.

I find emerging sectors/industries fascinating. The AI boom as well as cannabis are two, I currently like to follow. While cannabis is more concentrated in its own sector but is continuing to evolve, AI is becoming immersed across every industry. Its interesting to watch how the market responds to companies who are introducing it into their business model.

One point of focus with small caps is understanding Street estimates around earnings events. Due to the nature of them being small, some tend to have less coverage by the Street. This means that some analyst estimates can be stale or less estimates are used for consensus calculations which could lead to greater surprises, around these types of catalysts. Additionally, with small cap stocks, it is essential for management to maintain consistent communication. Investors particularly value the voice of management and are more likely to support a CEO who they perceive as dedicated to driving growth. This level of engagement and transparency can significantly influence investor confidence and stock performance. More importantly, with any stock, it’s crucial to always figure out what the market or the Street cares about. A stock may announce earnings that far exceed expectations for the quarter, but trades down based on more impactful negative news announced by a company in its sector. It’s not always about what you think is value, it’s about what investors determine to be value that will drive a stock in either direction.

After having studied both finance and economics, I truly enjoy anything markets related. However, if I must narrow it down, from the start of my career as an analyst for a Chicago hedge fund, I have always enjoyed watching small caps and following earnings events. As my career shifted toward more of an Investor Relations focus, I was able to fulfill another passion of mine which was writing through investor presentations etc. Working at Prism MarketView allows me to enjoy the market aspects I find thrilling and encourages my passion for writing through the various essays or articles that are published on the site.

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Decoding Market Dynamics: An Interview with Ashlee Vogenthaler, PRISM MarketView’s Markets Editor

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