FDA Clearance For ClearPoint Neuro Laser Device

Global therapy-enabling platform company, ClearPoint Neuro (Nasdaq: CLPT) has been granted FDA 501(k) clearance for a laser it intends to commercialize worldwide.

The laser will be marketed as the ClearPoint Prism™ Neuro Laser Therapy System and is being hailed as a “new innovation in the space of laser interstitial thermal therapy”.

Laser ablation offers minimally-invasive and powerful treatments for a variety of neurological diseases.


  • ClearPoint Neuro has exclusive global rights to commercialize the magnetic resonance guided laser interstitial thermal therapy system for neuro applications.
  • The system is indicated for use to necrotize or coagulate soft tissue through interstitial irradiation or thermal therapy under 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance.
  • The ClearPoint Neuro Navigation System has been used for over a decade in the United States and Europe to treat brain tumors, radiation necrosis and epileptic foci.
  • ClearPoint continues to deliver innovation to the neurosurgery and spine community through its team and expert partners.

ClearPoint’s laser offers a number of exciting technical innovations that are expected to make laser interstitial thermal therapy simpler and more accessible to surgeons and their patients.

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FDA Clearance For ClearPoint Neuro Laser Device

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