Holiday Wishes (and Gifts) from Investor’s Prism

“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens

These words may have never been more poignant than they are during this holiday season. Dickens was a student of human nature. He understood that humans are fragile creatures, often broken, but possessing an innate strength to overcome adversity. As 2021 comes to close, we’d like to reflect on that and give thanks to those who’ve helped us along the way.

As our readers know, Investor’s Prism is not just another financial news site. Our team believes in the democratization of financial markets, the value of small cap investing, and the development of new technologies to make the world a better place. To all of you who share that vision, we appreciate you. Our writers and editors will continue to push for change.

We want to thank the biopharmaceutical researchers, the crypto miners, the green energy innovators, the cannabis pioneers, and the independent builders of the metaverse. Many of you have become close friends with our team. Some are more than that. You’re family. Our gratitude to you has no bounds. We support your mission to change the world.

Most importantly, we want to thank our readers. Without you, there would be no Investor’s Prism. To show our gratitude, we’ll be adding some features next year to improve your user experience. Look for new indexes and expanded coverage of sectors and companies where real change is occurring. Our journey has just begun. Thank you for traveling this road with us.

Some Holiday “Gifts” for You and Your Loved Ones

It’s always darkest before the dawn. As the world struggles with global supply shortages, the Omicron outbreak, and rising prices, investors have a lot to be grateful for. There are opportunities available right now that are unprecedented in the modern market. Challenging circumstances have given us some “gifts” that we need to unwrap.

The global supply shortage is a good example. Euroseas Ltd (ESEA) hit a five-year high of $38.21 in September and the demand for their container ships is higher than it’s ever been. Since the onset of Omicron, the share price has dropped to $23.04. That is a gift. Buying it today is a shot to double your money by spring. That should bring you some holiday cheer.

There’s also the semiconductor shortage. You could bet on which manufacturer will come out on top, but I’m more of an “underlying supplier” investor myself. InTest (INTT) provides solutions for the final testing of integrated circuits and wafers. It doesn’t matter to them who wins the semiconductor race. Share prices are up 97% YTD and expected to climb higher.

Finally, let’s talk about rising prices. Contrary to what you might read on Reddit, Bitcoin (BTC) is not a hedge against inflation. Silvergate Capital Corp (SI) could be. It’s generally viewed as a crypto investment, but it’s a bank. They can hedge on their own. Silvergate is also trading at $148 right now, which is a bargain. I doubled up on it this morning.

Regardless of your cultural or religious preferences, this is a time to give thanks for what we have, cherish our loved ones, and set goals for the new year. Our goal here at Prism MarketView is to reward our readers for the support you have given us. Please accept these investment tips as our gifts to you. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.


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Holiday Wishes (and Gifts) from Investor’s Prism

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