How to Offset Rising Fuel and Food Costs

How to Offset Rising Fuel and Food Costs

The price at the pump has risen dramatically in the past week. Food costs, which were already high, are starting to go up again. Inflation has taken its toll on America. Add the Ukrainian conflict to the mix and we’re looking at all-time highs for fuel and grocery bills in 2022. If this were twenty years ago, we’d all be in serious trouble. Today, we have a solution. 

Here at Prism MarketView, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the democratization of financial markets. The rise of Robinhood (HOOD) and other retail investment platforms has introduced stock and cryptocurrency trading to mainstream America. At last count, the HOOD had eighteen million subscribers. Retail investors now control 10% of the stock market.

Why is retail investing relevant to this topic? I spent $35 to fill my gas tank last night. My Brent Oil Fund (BNO) shares alone are up 9.46% in the past five days. Chevron (CVX) is up 12.13%. ExxonMobil (XOM) is lagging a bit at 6.59%, but they still made me money. I bought all of them on Robinhood. Are you starting to see the bigger picture? 

Retail Investing is Your Hedge Against Inflation

Hedging inflation is a hot topic on financial news sites every time the BLS issues a new CPI report. In January, the consumer price index hit 7.5%. Financial “experts” expounded on whether to buy Barrick Gold (GOLD) or Bitcoin (BTC) to hedge inflation. Average consumers didn’t have either option just a few years ago. Today, they do.  

GOLD is up 25.67% YTD. The price of Bitcoin increased $20.58% this month. I own both. Combined with my tech stocks and oil stocks, my retail portfolio is more than covering price increases in fuel and food. My hedging strategy is simple. When prices go up, buy the companies that are raising them. That usually stops the bleeding. 

Worried about food costs? The Teucrium Wheat Fund (WEAT) is up 34.76% in the past thirty days. Paying too much for your morning coffee? The iPath Bloomberg Coffee ETN (JO) returned 61.56% for me in the past twelve months. It’s simple mathematics. Prices for goods and services go up. Buy more stock in the company. Net worth improves, even during inflation. 

Tech Stocks are on the Rise Again

Stories about the “decline” of tech stocks are either stock promoter manipulation or opinions of blind analysts who left their seeing-eye dogs at home. Tech stocks didn’t decline. They corrected. Cramer’s MAMAA stocks, except for Meta, are now on the rise again. If you sold them, start buying. If you held on, it’s about to pay off for you.

Microsoft (MSFT) jumped 8.60% last week. Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), and Alphabet (GOOG) are all showing gains of over 7% for the past five days. These companies never truly go away. They’ve been major players for decades and they all have a role in the development of the metaverse. Buy them now and they’ll fund your journey to a brand-new world. 

Inflation and global conflict create hardship. Investors can offset the former and profit from the latter if they use common sense. Those rising prices hurt the average consumer. Retail investing is a way to minimize some of that damage, even reverse it. Tighten your belts, modify your budgets, and pray for Ukraine, but don’t miss the opportunities available to you.                 


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How to Offset Rising Fuel and Food Costs

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