PRISM Emerging New Energy

New sources for energy that challenge the more traditional oil and gas space are emerging as companies start to explore mining uranium, produce power through wind turbines and source solar energy. These power substitutes will also help to reduce waste and are a healthier alternative that contributes to creating an improved global environment.

The PRISM Emerging New Energy Index tracks small and micro-cap stocks that are contributing to the renewable energy market through other environmentally friendly methods such as uranium, wind, hydropower, geothermal, solar etc.

PRISM Emerging New Energy IndexInception Date of 1/2/2024 at $100.00% Change (Daily)Current Index Value% Change (Inception)
Index ComponentsTickerCurrent Price% Daily ChangeVolume (1,000s)Average Volume (1,000s)Market Cap (Millions)1/2/2024 Price% Change Since Inception 1/2/2024