Is Your Dog the Real Mastermind Behind Your Investment Decisions?

Dogs became our companions thousands of years ago and many of us have built a strong bond, and often deep emotional connection, with our canine friends. Dogs influence their owners’ decisions as many dog parents feel a strong sense of responsibility for their dogs’ welfare and are willing to make sacrifices to meet their needs and provide them with a loving and caring home. But is man’s best friend influencing more than that?

Being a dog owner can potentially influence investment decisions.  Studies have shown that the presence of pets, including dogs, can impact owners’ financial choices.  For instance, a survey by SunTrust Mortgage  found that around one-third of new homebuyers took their pets’ needs into account when deciding on a new home, indicating that pet-related considerations influence housing choices.

Additionally, research suggests that the emotional bond between dog owners and their pets may influence perceptions of investment relative to experienced benefits, potentially affecting satisfaction levels with the dog-owner relationship.

Interestingly, a comparison between cat and dog owners’ investment behavior revealed differences. Dog owners were found to be more likely to invest in stocks and allocate more funds to them compared to cat owners, as reported in a study on consumer behavior.

Being a dog owner is a special responsibility and can impact investment decisions through considerations like housing choices and emotional bonds, which may lead to varying investment behaviors compared to non-pet owners or owners of other types of pets.

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Is Your Dog the Real Mastermind Behind Your Investment Decisions?

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