Leading Autonomous AI-Robot Security Company Generating Millions In Revenue

What once was restricted to the world of science fiction is now a reality.

This is not a movie, as robots are finally here to protect us—and thankfully, they appear a lot more like R2D2 than Skynet and the Terminator.

Autonomous Security Robots (ASR) are quickly becoming an essential part of our future1 as the population continues to grow past 8 billion people and the very real problem of law enforcement and security guards becomes a reality.

Bringing us towards this robot-secured reality is Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCP), a Silicon-Valley-based advanced security tech company that builds ASRs that deter, detect and report with groundbreaking technology that’s proven to help fight crime and has the potential to be the largest disruption of public safety in history.

The need isn’t being ignored. Since its inception in 2013, Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCPhas raised over $120 million, amassed 35,000+ investors by the time it listed on the NASDAQ in January 2022 and taken four advanced technologies (autonomous self-driving, robotics, artificial intelligence and electric vehicles) to develop its own proprietary tech from scratch and roll out for over 1.8 million hours of field operation to date.

Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCP) recently acquired CASE Emergency Systems4 and itsimpressive roster of key clients, like the NYPD and FDNY.

The company expects a revenue run rate between $12 million to $14 million following this acquisition, delivering on the accelerated growth by a significant margin versus the $3.4M from 2021.

Clearly, something needs to be done to protect the liberty and safety of the growing population, as the National Crime Victimization Survey confirmed that violent crime in urban areas is rising dramatically.5

To combat this and better equip domestic law enforcement and private businesses, Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCPhas developed timely solutions for the road ahead.

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Leading Autonomous AI-Robot Security Company Generating Millions In Revenue

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Leading Autonomous AI-Robot Security Company Generating Millions In Revenue

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