Motus (MOTS) Jumps 38% on Announcement of New Patent Grant for Prepless Colonoscopy Methods

Motus (MOTS) soared 38% today on news of a new U.S. patent for prepless colonoscopy methods using the PURE-VU system.

The new patent covers methods for clearing fecal matter from the wall of a colon or other body lumen for diagnostic inspection. One of the key embodiments is matching the diet leading up to a colonoscopy with the capabilities of suction and irrigation to maximize the efficiency of the procedure.

“Our new patent covers methods of clearing the colon in patients that have undergone limited or no preparation prior to their colonoscopy utilizing the Pure-Vu System. These methods could allow physicians to achieve maximized visualization for all patients while avoiding standard prep regimens, especially in an outpatient setting,” commented Tim Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Motus GI. “We believe our new methods along with the already published clinical data around limited prep colonoscopy utilizing the Pure-Vu System sets the stage to address the current burden of completing the prep process, which is the number one issue that prevents people from getting a colonoscopy which may aid in preventing colorectal cancer,” continued Mr. Moran.

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Motus GI Holdings, Inc. is a medical technology company, with subsidiaries in the U.S. and Israel, providing endoscopy solutions that improve clinical outcomes and enhance the cost-efficiency associated with the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal conditions. For more information, visit and connect with the Company on Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook .

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Motus (MOTS) Jumps 38% on Announcement of New Patent Grant for Prepless Colonoscopy Methods

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