National Daughters Day: Women’s Investment Trends in 2023

National Daughters Day celebrates the special bond between parents and their daughters and provides an opportunity for families to express their love and appreciation for the unique role their daughters play in their lives. Investing is a critical component of financial growth and security, and it’s an area where women have been increasingly making their mark. 

In 2023, women are actively participating in various investment avenues, reshaping the landscape of the financial world. We asked the question, what are our daughters investing in, in 2023?

Stocks and Equities: Women are increasingly entering the stock market, overcoming historical gender disparities. They invest in individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to build wealth and secure their financial futures. Ark Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF) is one of the best performing ETFs in 2023.

Real Estate: Real estate investment, including buying properties for rental income or capital appreciation, is a popular choice among women. Many see real estate as a stable long-term investment. Prologis, Inc (PLD) is one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in the US.

Retirement Accounts: Women are diligently contributing to retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs. They recognize the importance of planning for retirement and are taking proactive steps to secure their financial well-being in the future.

Cryptocurrencies: The digital revolution has also attracted women to cryptocurrencies. They invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BITC) and Ethereum (ETH-USD), seeking potential high returns and diversifying their portfolios.

Impact Investing: A growing trend among women is impact investing. They invest in companies and funds that align with their values and support causes they are passionate about, such as environmental sustainability and social justice.

Startups and Entrepreneurship: Women entrepreneurs are not only starting businesses but also investing in startups. They are actively participating in venture capital and angel investing, supporting innovation and female-led businesses.

Precious Metals: Some women turn to precious metals like gold (GC=F) and silver (SI=F) as a store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainties.

It’s essential to note that while women are making significant strides in the investment world, there is still work to be done to bridge the gender gap. Confidence in investment decision-making remains an issue for some women, as highlighted by surveys like Fidelity’s 2021 report, which found that only 33 percent of women felt confident in their investment abilities. However, the landscape is evolving, and women are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and confident investors.

In conclusion, women in 2023 are diversifying their investments across various asset classes, demonstrating financial independence, and actively participating in shaping their financial futures. As they continue to break down barriers and gain confidence in investing, their influence in the investment world is expected to grow further.

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National Daughters Day: Women’s Investment Trends in 2023

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