3 Reasons Oil Prices Are Getting Ready to Break Below Critical Support at $80

This shift is driven by a confluence of factors, including the potential easing of geopolitical tensions, cracks within the OPEC+ production cut strategy, and the limited impact of Hurricane Beryl on the energy infrastructure. Below, we will discuss three factors that could influence the price of oil in the month ahead:

For months, OPEC+ has acted as a major price supporter by limiting oil production. While the group extended these cuts through 2025 in June, they also announced a phase-out starting in October.

This decision coincides with production exceeding quotas by key members like Russia, UAE, Kazakhstan, Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia – a combined oversupply of 0.5 million barrels per day (b/d). Additionally, US production remains high, reaching historic levels in March.

If this overproduction continues, especially with production-boosting countries like the UAE and Kazakhstan gaining support, oil prices could experience a significant decline. The next OPEC+ meetings will be crucial in determining whether the group can maintain a unified front.

Hurricane Beryl’s recent strike on the US east coast, particularly Louisiana and Texas, caused concern for its potential impact on Gulf of Mexico oil production, a vital US source.

While the storm tragically resulted in eight fatalities and power outages for millions, early indications suggest limited damage to production infrastructure. This means a quicker return to full capacity and normal shipping, alleviating the initial price pressure.

Following a period of intense conflict in the Gaza Strip, ongoing negotiations offer hope for a truce. Although Hamas has shown some concessions, a final agreement remains elusive. However, the continuation of talks is a positive sign for the market, reducing upward pressure on oil prices, including WTI and Brent crude.

Following the formation of a double peak around $84 per barrel, WTI crude oil prices are trending downward, targeting the support level at $80 per barrel.

If sellers break through this support, the path clears for a move toward the medium-term low near $73 per barrel.


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