OpenLocker (OLKR) Creates “FanTech” Opportunity for Fans and Student-Athletes of FAU and UConn

All eyes of college sports fanatics were tuned into the Elite Eight round of the March Madness NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, this weekend. Now, only four teams remain and are scheduled to compete in matchups, this Saturday. Each winner will face off in the Championship, on April 3rd.

What some fanatics may not be aware of is an exciting new wave of “fandomship” known as “FanTech”, which has been captivating student-athlete engagement through the sports technology market via NIL platforms that utilize Web 3.0 and innovative collectables. Two of the remaining four teams in the March Madness Tournament offer fans the ability to participate in supporting their team, through “FanTech” opportunities via Florida Atlantic University’s Prowlerz Club or University of Connecticut’s Bone Yard Huskyz Club.

The company behind these “FanTech” clubs is the publicly traded OpenLocker Holdings, Inc. (OLKR), a “first-mover” in this growing industry valued at $1Bn+. They have established clubs across multiple universities that offer fans unique access to engagement opportunities such as, digital collectibles and rewards through OLKR partnerships, with various advertisers. In addition, OLKR provides the student-athletes revenue opportunities through its fan clubs support, that had not previously existed. In a recent Stock Day interview, OpenLocker CEO, Howard Gostfrand stated, “Last season, we were able to issue a digital collectible for the athletes of the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team. Each one of their collectibles sold and each player earned a majority of the revenues derived from the sale of the digital collectible.”

As the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness tournament progresses into its final rounds, OLKR is at the helm of the sports tech industry, offering an exciting engagement opportunity to fans and student-athletes alike that is also paving the way for “FanTech” investors to capitalize, on an emerging industry.

About OpenLocker Holdings, Inc.

Openlocker Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiary OpenLocker operates a technology platform for athletes and brands to redefine and unlock consumer and fan value. OpenLocker builds highly engaged fan communities on the Blockchain primarily for colleges and universities using student-athletes Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opening the door to countless revenue opportunities that previously did not exist. OpenLocker increases engagement among fans, athletes and brands through digital and physical collectibles and provides unique user utility, perks and experiences. OpenLocker is delivering digital loyalty and spearheading the future of marketing.


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OpenLocker (OLKR) Creates “FanTech” Opportunity for Fans and Student-Athletes of FAU and UConn

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