OpenLocker (OLKR) Tunes Up Its Fan Engagement Focus with Launch of Podcast, OpenLocker Network

Publicly traded OpenLocker Holdings, Inc. (OLKR) has announced the launch of its new podcast, Open Locker Network that is expected to kick-off this week. OpenLocker Network will be dedicated to fan engagement and community building. Each week listeners will hear from student-athletes, coaches and college sports analysts who will discuss their journey and answer questions submitted by fans. A series featuring educational information geared toward college students will cover the NIL market as well as other topical material.

As the NIL industry grows, OLKR is a “early-mover” in the emerging sports technology market through its NIL platform that utilizes Web 3.0 and boosts Fan Engagement. Additionally, OpenLocker has provided student-athletes revenue opportunities through its established university fan clubs. 

OpenLocker’s fan communities include the Prowlerz Club at Florida Atlantic University, Gataverse at the University of Florida, Bone Yard Huskyz Club at the University of Connecticut, Lionz Club at Penn State University, Maddy Baddyz at University of Wisconsin, Rowdy Redz at Radford University and the 15 Blue Club at University of Kentucky.

OpenLocker continues to unlock value with its platform for increased fan engagement as they seek out support through digital channels to reach and grow their communities across the country. The OpenLocker Podcast Network will be available on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

About OpenLocker Holdings, Inc.

Openlocker Holdings, Inc. operates a technology platform for athletes and brands to redefine and unlock consumer and fan value. OpenLocker builds highly engaged fan communities on the Blockchain primarily for colleges and universities using student-athletes Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opening the door to countless revenue opportunities that previously did not exist. OpenLocker increases engagement among fans, athletes and brands through digital and physical collectibles and provides unique user utility, perks and experiences. Openlocker is delivering digital loyalty and spearheading the future of marketing.

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OpenLocker (OLKR) Tunes Up Its Fan Engagement Focus with Launch of Podcast, OpenLocker Network

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