Oragenics to Develop Device to Treat Concussion

Pharmaceuticals company, Oragenics (NYSE American: OGEN), has completed a prototype of an automated intranasal device for use in concussed patients who are initially confused, dazed or unconscious in the acute phase of injury. Oragenics’ lead drug candidate, ONP-002, is a new chemical entity (NCE) designed to target the brain through delivery into the nasal cavity and onward to the brain.

The company is designing a Phase 2 study to evaluate the effectiveness of ONP-002 on blood biomarkers and patient-reported outcomes of concussed patients.

Oragenics has developed a breath-propelled device that requires the patient to administer ONP-002 into the nose. Concussed patients with an acute altered mental state may not be capable of following these instructions.  The company’s automated prototype is being developed for the initial treatment of patients who have a loss of consciousness or altered mental status following their injury.

“We are excited about this new automated technology as it allows us to treat the full range of concussive injuries. Both devices offer advantages and can deliver our nanoparticle powder. Given the early mental alterations many concussed patients experience, we aim to provide them the best drug delivery route to improve their clinical outcomes,” said Michael Redmond, President at Oragenics.

Approximately 10% of concussed patients lose consciousness, while many others experience an immediate altered mental state, with short-term memory loss and confusion. Both loss of consciousness and acute memory impairment are linked to prolonged post-concussion symptoms and poor clinical outcomes. Approximately 69 million concussions are reported worldwide each year.

About Oragenics
Oragenics is a development-stage biotechnology company focused on nasal delivery of pharmaceutical medications in neurology and fighting infectious diseases, including drug candidates for treating mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), also known as concussion, and for treating Niemann Pick Disease Type C (NPC), as well as proprietary powder formulation and an intranasal delivery device. For more information, please visit www.oragenics.com.



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Oragenics to Develop Device to Treat Concussion

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