Predictive Oncology: Former NASA Astronaut and Physician Joins Strategic Advisory Board

Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr. has been appointed to Predictive Oncology’s Strategic Advisory Board. As a former NASA astronaut, Dr. Harris brings a wealth of experience and a unique understanding of cutting-edge technology and innovation. In addition to his experience at NASA, Dr. Harris is a successful entrepreneur and physician, making him an ideal advisor for the company.

Predictive Oncology’s Strategic Advisory Board will play a critical role in the company’s future growth and expansion. Under its guidance, Predictive Oncology can continue to develop AI-powered precision medicine solutions that improve cancer treatment outcomes. Predictive Oncology’s proprietary technology platform is a game-changer in the field of cancer treatment.

The future of cancer treatment is bright with companies like Predictive Oncology leading the way. With the expertise of advisors like Dr. Harris, the company is well-positioned to continue to develop innovative solutions that have the potential to transform the field of oncology.

About Predictive Oncology

Predictive Oncology is on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to expedite early drug discovery and enable drug development for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide. The Company’s scientifically validated AI platform, PEDAL, is able to predict with 92% accuracy if a tumor sample will respond to a certain drug compound, allowing for a more informed selection of drug/tumor type combinations for subsequent in-vitro testing. Together with the Company’s vast biobank of more than 150,000 assay-capable heterogenous human tumor samples, Predictive Oncology offers its academic and industry partners one of the industry’s broadest AI-based drug discovery solutions, further complimented by its wholly owned CLIA lab and GMP facilities. Predictive Oncology is headquartered in Eagan, MN.

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Predictive Oncology: Former NASA Astronaut and Physician Joins Strategic Advisory Board

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