Predictive Oncology – Fueling Precision Medicine Advancements in Pittsburgh

Predictive Oncology (Nasdaq: POAI), a leading company in the field of precision medicine, has recently announced the relocation of its headquarters to Pittsburgh. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing the company’s operations and facilitating its growth in the dynamic biotech and healthcare industry of the city.

The decision to move to Pittsburgh was driven by the city’s thriving biotech and healthcare sector. With a strong presence of renowned research institutions and a conducive business environment, Pittsburgh has proven to be an ideal location for Predictive Oncology to thrive. This relocation opens up opportunities for the company to collaborate with these institutions, fostering innovation and advancement in the field of oncology.

One of the key objectives of relocating to Pittsburgh is to attract top talent in the precision medicine sector. Predictive Oncology aims to position itself as a magnet for highly skilled individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the fight against cancer. Dr. Carl Schwartz, the CEO of Predictive Oncology, believes that this move will solidify the company’s position as a leading player in precision medicine.

The relocation to Pittsburgh is a testament to Predictive Oncology’s commitment to advancing in the biotech field. It signifies the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific research and development in oncology. The new HQ will serve as a hub for innovative and groundbreaking studies, paving the way for the development of novel solutions and treatments for cancer patients.

Predictive Oncology’s decision to relocate to Pittsburgh is a significant development in the field of precision medicine. With access to a thriving biotech and healthcare industry, collaboration with renowned research institutions, and the ability to attract top talent, the company is well-positioned to make remarkable strides in the fight against cancer. This move not only enhances Predictive Oncology’s operations and growth but also solidifies its commitment to advancing in the biotech field.

About Predictive Oncology

Predictive Oncology is on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to expedite early drug discovery and enable drug development for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide. The Company’s scientifically validated AI platform, PEDAL, is able to predict with 92% accuracy if a tumor sample will respond to a certain drug compound, allowing for a more informed selection of drug/tumor type combinations for subsequent in-vitro testing. Together with the Company’s vast biobank of more than 150,000 assay-capable heterogenous human tumor samples, Predictive Oncology offers its academic and industry partners one of the industry’s broadest AI-based drug discovery solutions, further complimented by its wholly owned CLIA lab and GMP facilities. Predictive Oncology is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Predictive Oncology – Fueling Precision Medicine Advancements in Pittsburgh

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