Prism Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Alphabet, Microsoft, Intel, Snap and more

Let’s take a look at companies that are making waves before market opening:

Microsoft saw a 4% increase in its share value following its fiscal Q3 results which exceeded projections, largely due to the ongoing growth of its Azure sector.

Alphabet’s stocks rocketed over 11% as Q1 outcomes surpassed predictions and it announced its inaugural dividend, along with a $70 billion buyback.

Snap stocks skyrocketed 22% in the wake of Q1 results that was beyond market predictions, with a 21% surge in revenue to $1.19 billion, triggered by enhancements in its advertising functionality.

Intel’s shares plunged over 8% as investors digested the chipmaker’s Q1 financials. Despite slightly exceeding earnings estimates, the company’s sales fell short of expectations, further dampening investor sentiment with a meager Q2 forecast.

Exxon Mobil experienced a near 2% dip in share prices post disappointing Q1 earnings, albeit total revenue surpassed market anticipations.

Chevron shares slumped just under half a percent on the back of revenue falling short of expectations.

AutoNation shares improved marginally, roughly 1% after announcing a stellar Q1 earnings outdoing market consensus, however, revenue fell marginally short of expectations.

AbbVie healthcare stock advanced over 1% following a better-than-expected Q1 report. The company also elevated its yearly earnings forecast.

Colgate-Palmolive’s stocks grew around 1%, following impressive quarterly results beating LSEG predictions.

Skechers saw its shares soar over 10% after outperforming Q1 financial forecasts.

Shares in DexCom, a glucose monitoring systems manufacturer, slid roughly 5% despite surpassing quarterly financial projections.

Charter Communications’ stocks fell 3.4% after Q1 earnings underperformed relative to market expectations.

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Prism Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Alphabet, Microsoft, Intel, Snap and more

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