Quoin Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:QNRX) Signs Second Exclusive Research Agreement with Australian University

Advancing scientific research into developing treatments for rare and orphan diseases, Quoin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: QNRX) signed a second exclusive research agreement with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia.

The new agreement centers on a potential treatment for scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease that affects connective tissue of the skin, blood vessels, internal organs and digestive tract, and currently has no approved treatment or cure. In particular, QUT will investigate small molecule inhibition of the VCAM-1: VL-4 interaction as an effective approach to treat scleroderma.

Quoin’s initial exclusive research agreement with QUT focuses on a bi-functional protein with promising in-vitro data as a potential treatment for Netherton Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting the skin, hair and immune system.

The company recently received FDA clearance of its Investigational New Drug and is approved to initiate clinical testing, scheduled to begin shortly, of its lead asset QRX003 to treat Netherton Syndrome. This positions Quoin to potentially deliver the first approved treatment for this disease.

In its latest deal with QUT, Quoin will fund the pre-clinical program and have an option to exclusive global rights to the product. Proof of concept has already been established in a mouse model with additional studies underway to select a candidate for clinical testing.

When announcing the latest research agreement, Quoin CEO Dr. Michael Myers said, “We are extremely excited to announce our second research agreement with QUT, an institution widely acknowledged for its excellence in research. This is an extremely important opportunity for Quoin and one that is underpinned by solid science from top class researchers. We look forward to seeing the results of the program as we seek to potentially deliver the first effective treatment for scleroderma, a severe and sometimes fatal disease. This agreement further strengthens Quoin’s leadership in the development of treatments for rare and orphan diseases, particularly for those where there are currently no available treatments or cures.”


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Quoin Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:QNRX) Signs Second Exclusive Research Agreement with Australian University

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