SKYX Reports Impressive Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Generating $15 Million in Sales

In its recent announcement, SKYX, a platform technology company with a substantial portfolio of over 60 global patents, shared its notable accomplishments for the second quarter ending June 30, 2023. Focused on redefining safety and intelligence standards for homes and buildings, SKYX’s performance echoes its advancement within the industry.

Sky-High Q2 Performance

The second quarter of 2023 marked a pivotal period for SKYX, as it achieved $15 million in revenue. Notably, this achievement transpired over a partial quarter and included the launch of innovative smart and standard plug & play products. These new product offerings represent a substantial step forward in fulfilling SKYX’s mission of enhancing the safety and intelligence of homes and buildings.

Operational Efficiency

Among the noteworthy accomplishments of the quarter was the sequential reduction in net cash used for operating activities, amounting to $2.5 million. This achievement speaks to SKYX’s prudent financial management and the streamlined efficiency with which it conducts its operations.

Furthermore, SKYX reported a combined total of $23.7 million in cash, cash equivalents, restricted cash, and investments available for sale by June 2023. This substantial increase from the $16.8 million reported in December 2022 showcases consistent financial advancement.

Strategic Market Expansion Through Acquisition

The acquisition of Belami E-commerce strategically broadens SKYX’s market reach and positioning. This move, primarily funded using SKYX’s stock, encompasses a profitable conglomerate featuring 64 websites specializing in lighting and home décor. Beyond augmenting SKYX’s cash flows, this acquisition accelerates the introduction of its ceiling safe plug & play products to the market and facilitates broader distribution across professional and retail segments, concurrently serving as an educational and marketing platform.

Safety Standardization and Recognition

SKYX’s unwavering commitment to safety standardization is exemplified by its eligibility to apply for a building safety standardization requirement within the National Electrical Code (NEC). Having navigated a comprehensive 12-year standardization process and securing product specification approval voting by ANSI / NEMA, SKYX stands on the threshold of fulfilling the essential safety conditions for its ceiling outlet receptacle to become a norm in homes and buildings. This accomplishment underscores SKYX’s dedication to fostering secure environments.

Financial Fortitude to Power Growth

Financially, SKYX’s second quarter of 2023 was marked by remarkable growth. The revenue surged to $15 million, bolstered by E-commerce sales and the introduction of smart and standard plug & play products. The gross profit also saw a boost, reaching $4.7 million. This was largely attributed to the Belami E-commerce acquisition, which positively impacted the company’s financial performance. 

Charting the Path Ahead

SKYX’s accomplishments throughout the second quarter of 2023 underscore its unwavering commitment to innovation, expansion, and safety. As the company continues to broaden its product range, expand its market presence, and uphold safety standards, its future prospects look promising.


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SKYX Reports Impressive Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Generating $15 Million in Sales

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