SS Innovations International, Inc. Commences Trading on OTC under symbol SSII; Provides Corporate Update

SS Innovations International, Inc. (OTC: SSII), a developer of innovative, affordable and accessible surgical robotic technologies, has issued a corporate update.

The company, previously AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc., has completed a merger, changing its corporate name to SS Innovations International, Inc., and commencing trading on OTC with the new symbol SSII on May 12, 2023.


SSII’s medical and engineering teams have developed a product range that includes its proprietary SSI Mantra surgical robotic system, and SSI Mudra, its wide range of surgical instruments.

The company has trained more than 50 robotic surgeons and completed over 180 surgeries across multiple specialties on its SSI Mantra Surgical Robotic System.

SSII has secured medical device regulatory and commercialization approvals for its devices in India, and intends to pursue FDA and CE approval processes in 2023.

SSII has a rapidly growing pipeline of system orders, initially in India.

 About SS Innovations International

SS Innovations International, Inc. (OTC: SSII) is a developer of innovative surgical robotic technologies with a vision to make the benefits of robotic surgery affordable and accessible to a larger part of the global population. SSII’s product range includes its proprietary “SSI Mantra” surgical robotic system, and “SSI Mudra” is its wide range of surgical instruments capable of supporting a variety of surgical procedures including robotic cardiac surgery. SSII’s business operations are headquartered in India and the company has plans to expand the presence of its technologically advanced, user-friendly, and cost-effective surgical robotic solutions, globally.


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SS Innovations International, Inc. Commences Trading on OTC under symbol SSII; Provides Corporate Update

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