Stock Picks That Could Make Barry Manilow Think You Raid His Wardrobe – A Breakfast Club Edition

In today’s world of AI and technology, there are some memories of the past that still hold a true nostalgia for the more simplistic times that once existed. 39 years ago, a film known as The Breakfast Club was released that still brings everyone together, no matter what decade you are from. The reason being is that it hits home to each personality that resonates with most people growing up, from any walk of life. This might now beg you to ask the question, “who are you?” Just please don’t try to stick a pen up your nose attached to your lip while asking.

If you don’t know the movie, don’t even try to act like you do because false alarms are never funny. But, if you’re still interested in reading, you can figure out a way to study with our stock pick highlights that might just help you afford those pair of diamond earrings, so your daddy won’t have to buy them for you.

The Brain

Did you belong to the physics club? Ever wear your cousin Kendall’s shoes to a party? If so, Brian would be your BC persona. However, if you needed him to write your essay in detention, he’d be the one you’d want to befriend.

Nerdy Brian would likely look at investing in PRISM NextGen Tech and AI company Dous Technologies Group (DUOT) who specializes in the development and deployment of innovative solutions in the fields of AI, machine learning, and robotics typically related to transportation and logistics. Most recently, the company signed an AI subscription agreement with a Mexican rail operator that will secure $360K in annual reoccurring revenue. The stock is up 48% over the past year and up 60% YTD.

The Princess

Let’s be honest, academic clubs aren’t the same as other kinds of clubs. If you ever had to spend a Saturday in detention and your dad dropped you off in his Beemer, this one is your BC fit and you’d still probably be okay because you richies are so smart.

Privileged Claire may consider an investment in the ethically sourced jeweler, Brilliant Earth Group, Inc. (BRLT) who recently announced Q4 earnings. The company achieved record net sales of $124.3M for Q4 and $446.4M on the year while also posting record level orders and gross margin, exceeding the industry growth rate by 750bps. The company was a recent leader in the PRISM Emerging Consumer Products Index. The stock is down ~18% YTD.

The Athlete

This guy would total you, totally. If a jock is your BC persona, you would still wear the required uniform. Just try not to tape anyone’s bum-cheeks together to avoid a Saturday detention. And always help the principal keep doors open from any loose screws falling out since the world is an imperfect place.

Sporto Andrew might put Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAII) on his watchlist. The leading formulator and manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements recently announced a partnership with one of its brands, CarnoSyn® who has inked a deal with Barentz for exclusive Brazilian distribution. The stock is down ~12% YTD.

The Basketcase

Listen, if your dandruff can create a snowstorm onto your drawing in detention while you eat Frito sandwiches, don’t even consider another BC persona. But also, don’t bite your fingernails or else you will not be hungry for lunch.

Frenzied Allison could benefit from adding MindMed, Inc. (MNMD) to her portfolio and possibly ingesting some of its products. The PRISM Psychedelics Index company has recently received FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designationand announced positive 12-week durability data from Phase 2B study of MM120 for generalized Anxiety Disorder. Its shares have traded up 173% YTD and 242% over the past year.

The Criminal

If you have to check your calendar after the second Saturday of the month to see if you’ll be free for your next Saturday detention, this is your BC persona. Don’t get all B-O-O H-O-O about having to be the criminal, turns out he’s the one who may not care about you doing society a favor and will still try out for a scholarship, but he ultimately has a charm and may just be the most real of the bunch. We know a few. They turned out alright but still don’t read Molière.

John Bender would likely invest in Psychemedics Corporation (PMD) because he’d believe there would be a business for it. The world’s leading hair drug test for detecting drugs of abuse includes clientele who are some of the most well-known companies in the Fortune 500, largest police departments and schools across the country. The company released an advanced 5-panel drug screen to transform the way organizations safeguard their workplaces, shifting the spotlight from marijuana to the paramount threat of fentanyl. The stock is down 12% YTD and participating in the PRISM Healthcare Index.

Dear Mr. Vernon, At the end of the day, you can see us as you want to see us and if you can pick these stocks at the right time, you can catch the bull and not have to mess with the horns.

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Stock Picks That Could Make Barry Manilow Think You Raid His Wardrobe – A Breakfast Club Edition

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