U.S. Stock Markets Mitigate Losses, Leading Companies Show Gains

The financial climate faces turbulence, with Barclays commenting, “A tumultuous mix is affecting the markets.” Concerns over surging rates push Bitcoin down, causing concerns for risk asset holders.

After a steep downturn that threatened the S&P 500 with its most significant weekly decrease since March, the index managed to mitigate its loss to 0.8%. Concurrently, Dow Jones, largely influenced by the cyclical sector, saw an uptick, with UnitedHealth Group contributing positively. On the other hand, Bitcoin experienced a sharp 8% drop, while oil is on the verge of its first weekly decline since the previous June.

Although the looming dread of an immediate recession is dissipating, vigilant investors are pivoting their focus towards persistent inflation and potential strict policy measures. Global bonds saw a rebound as the week closed, amidst growing conjectures that the setbacks might have been excessive. Specifically, the 10-year Treasury yields withdrew from the soaring numbers seen on the preceding Thursday, which neared its peak since 2007. Bonds from both the UK and Germany witnessed growth.

Reflecting the market’s heightened apprehension, the Cboe Volatility Index surpassed 18, a record since the past May. Michael Hartnett from Bank of America Corp. (BAC) highlighted the possibility of stocks declining by another 4% due to the economic instability in China and the spike in bond yields.

The impending expiration of options is under close scrutiny by traders. Roughly $2.2 trillion worth of long-term contracts linked to stocks and indices are set to conclude by this Friday, as noted by Rocky Fishman of Asym 500. Meanwhile, other market reports indicate Bitcoin’s valuation hovering around $26,000. Following a markdown of $373 million, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, has liquidated its Bitcoin holdings, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Main Market Movements:


  • S&P 500 receded by 0.2% by 11:28 a.m. EST.
  • Nasdaq 100 down by 0.6%.
  • Dow Jones remains relatively stable.
  • Stoxx Europe 600 dropped by 0.6%.
  • MSCI World index reduced by 0.4%.


  • Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index remained stable.
  • Euro steady at $1.0874.
  • British pound consistent at $1.2735.
  • Japanese yen appreciated 0.4% standing at 145.22 per dollar.


  • Bitcoin down by 5.6% at $26,095.18.
  • Ether decreased by 2.8% to $1,667.95.


  • 10-year U.S. Treasury yield fell to 4.23%.
  • German 10-year yield reduced to 2.62%.
  • UK 10-year yield came down to 4.68%.


  • West Texas Intermediate crude edged up 0.4% to $80.70 per barrel.
  • Gold futures climbed by 0.4% reaching $1,922 per ounce.

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U.S. Stock Markets Mitigate Losses, Leading Companies Show Gains

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