Who Doesn’t Like Football & Wings? OLKR signs NIL deal with Gators RB Trevor Etienne and Bleu Bird Wings

OpenLocker Holdings (OLKR) is kicking off the college football season with its announcement to their NIL deal with Florida University’s running back, Trevor Etienne and his favorite wing “go-to”, Bleu Bird Wings in Gainesville, FL.

Etienne with OLKR, will be hosting a meet and greet event in partnership with Bleu Bird Wings. Fans who purchase a collectable, hand signed by Etienne will be able to access the event along with exclusive merchant rewards, that will allow collectible owners a discount at Bleu Bird Wings, during the 2023 football season. Even better, if Etienne scores two TD’s in a single game and the Gators win, fans receive a free meal that includes 7 wings, side of fries and a drink. Score!

“The Trevor Etienne Collection represents the next level of NIL which is designed to drive fan engagement with real world utility tied to athlete performance. We’ve already seen how excited Gator fans are to get something tangible and meet their favorite athlete at an event. Local merchants like Bleu Bird will bring the Gataverse community together by creating opportunities for fans to earn rewards and experiences.” said Matt Ulino, UF alum and Gataverse Community Manager.

OLKR’s partnership with Bleu Bird Wings, is a unique approach in the NIL market that will increase fan engagement with a real world aspect that incorporates an athletes performance. OLKR’s recent NIL deal with RB Etienne will be put to its first performance test tonight as the Gators take the field in Salt Lake City to play Utah. As OpenLocker continues to immerse itself into the Name, Image and Likeness space, fans and investors alike, can appreciate the growth and opportunity ahead for the company.

OLKR will release a Gataverse member rewards card in early September which will unlock discounts and perks at dozens of local businesses and national brands. For more information and to purchase a Trevor Etienne autographed collectible, visit gataverse.io.

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OpenLocker Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiary OpenLocker operates a technology platform for athletes and brands to redefine and unlock consumer and fan value. OpenLocker builds highly engaged fan communities for colleges and universities using student-athletes Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), opening the door to countless revenue opportunities that previously did not exist. OpenLocker increases engagement among fans, athletes and brands through innovative collectibles and provides unique user utility, perks and experiences. OpenLocker is delivering digital loyalty and spearheading the future of marketing.


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Who Doesn’t Like Football & Wings? OLKR signs NIL deal with Gators RB Trevor Etienne and Bleu Bird Wings

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