ZyVersa Highlights Data Demonstrating Inflammasome Inhibition Slows Progress of Diabetic Atherosclerosis

ZyVersa Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZVSA) has highlighted data published in a peer-reviewed journal  that demonstrates that NLRP3 inhibition results in improved glucose tolerance and markedly smaller and more stable atherosclerotic lesions in a diabetic mouse model. ZyVersa is developing IC 100, a monoclonal antibody targeting inflammasome specks including NLRP3, to block damaging inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis (AS).  AS and its sequelae are the most common cause of death in diabetic patients.

The study’s authors evaluated serum and coronary artery tissues from patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), with and without diabetes, and conducted a study in diabetic mouse models.

Stephen C. Glover, ZyVersa’s Co-founder, Chairman, CEO, and President, commented on the implications for ZyVersa, saying, “We are excited about the data published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications demonstrating that inhibiting inflammasome NLPR3 pathways has potential to attenuate the development and progression of AS in patients with diabetes, a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

“We look forward to seeing our preclinical data with Inflammasome ASC Inhibitor IC 100 in an animal model of atherosclerosis in the first half of this year. We believe that by inhibiting multiple types of inflammasomes and disrupting the structure and function of their associated ASC specks to attenuate initiation and perpetuation of inflammation, that IC 100 has promise to effectively control AS development and progression.”

IC 100 is a novel humanized IgG4 monoclonal antibody that inhibits the inflammasome adaptor protein ASC.

About ZyVersa Therapeutics, Inc.

ZyVersa (Nasdaq: ZVSA) is a clinical stage specialty biopharmaceutical company leveraging advanced, proprietary technologies to develop first-in-class drugs for patients with renal and inflammatory diseases who have significant unmet medical needs. The Company is currently advancing a therapeutic development pipeline with multiple programs built around its two proprietary technologies – Cholesterol Efflux Mediator™ VAR 200 for treatment of kidney diseases, and Inflammasome ASC Inhibitor IC 100, targeting damaging inflammation associated with numerous CNS and other inflammatory diseases. For more information, please visit www.zyversa.com.

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ZyVersa Highlights Data Demonstrating Inflammasome Inhibition Slows Progress of Diabetic Atherosclerosis

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