Axsome CRESCENDO Survey is Important Step Forward in Raising Awareness of Narcolepsy

Biopharmaceutical company, Axsome Therapeutics (Nasdaq: AXSM), has announced topline results from its CRESCENDO survey of patients with narcolepsy type 1 receiving treatment, demonstrating high rates of persistent symptoms and significant patient burden, despite being on current treatments. Axsome plans to present the detailed results of the survey at upcoming scientific meetings.

Dr. Karl Doghramji, Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and Medicine, and Medical Director of the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA., said, “Narcolepsy is a debilitating and incurable orphan neurologic disorder. Its most troublesome symptom is daytime sleepiness, which can impair social and occupational functioning and can cause potentially dangerous sleep attacks. Unfortunately, narcolepsy is underrecognized and underdiagnosed by the medical community and its burden of illness is not widely understood or appreciated, which is why the CRESCENDO survey is such an important step forward in raising awareness of narcolepsy and its impact on patient lives, and in giving voice to the thousands of individuals living with this debilitating disorder.”


Survey respondents included 203 adults, aged 18-82 years with a diagnosis of narcolepsy Type 1, and who were receiving pharmacotherapy for narcolepsy.

Despite receiving treatment, the majority of narcolepsy patients continue to experience symptoms, including cataplexy, cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety.

CRESCENDO was conducted in partnership with Narcolepsy Network, a national non-profit patient support organization for people with narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia, and related sleep disorders.

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Axsome CRESCENDO Survey is Important Step Forward in Raising Awareness of Narcolepsy

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