Brilliant Earth Group, Inc.

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Brilliant Earth Group, Inc.
300 Grant Avenue
Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States

Brilliant Earth was founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg as a response to the lack of transparency and irresponsible mining practices that confront the jewelry industry today. Brilliant Earth began with the belief that exceptional quality, ethically sourced jewelry can be an effective tool for social change. From our award-winning jewelry designs and responsibly sourced materials, to our personalized showroom experience, customers never need to compromise between quality and conscience. Brilliant Earth makes jewelry you can feel good about wearing with thoughtful craftmanship in every phase of production. With our Beyond Conflict Freeā„¢ diamonds and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we hope to inspire a more transparent, sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive jewelry industry.

Brilliant Earth is one of the fastest growing ecommerce jewelers in the world, and a leader in ethical origin fine jewelry. We are on the lookout for bright, motivated candidates who are eager to make an impact from day one and grow with a team of passionate and kind people!