Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.

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Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.
20475 State Highway 249
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77070
United States

Independence Contract Drilling was formed in 2011 as a vertically integrated premium land drilling services provider. From its wholly owned API certified manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas Independence Contract Drilling provides E&P operators the ShaleDriller series rigs. These rigs are fast moving, programmable AC rigs custom designed to be best in class for the development of shale plays and other areas where completions require long horizontal sections. The ShaleDriller is based on a proven rig design with units operating in all major US shale plays.

Driven by superior design characteristics, ShaleDriller rigs provide a compelling value proposition to our customers. The fine control of key drilling parameters offered by ShaleDriller proprietary AC software code allows same-class wells to be drilled in almost half the time required by a mechanical rig and 20% faster than with DC equipment. Combined with the ShaleDriller’s fast mobilization this allows operators to drill four – eleven additional wells per year, per rig.